The Appraisal Process

  1. Once an appraisal is ordered, a staff member will be in contact with you to set up an appointment within 24 hours. An appropriate fee for the appraisal is quoted at this time.

  2. Upon arriving at your property, an inspection of the interior and exterior of the property will be completed. Photographs will also be taken as well as measurements to establish the square footage of your property.

  3. The appraiser will then research the market. This will include the use of the Multiple Listing Service and other real estate resources to find comparable properties. Once the appropriate research has been completed a market value will then be established.

  4. The appraisal report will be completed, usually within 24 Hours of inspection, providing there are no unforeseen delays. If any delays occur, you will be notified immediately.

  5. Depending on the clients requests, the appraisal report will be sent electronically, faxed or mailed to the individual who has ordered the appraisal.